These damn pesky neighbors. All they do is cause trouble. It’s funny and true to say all the fairytale books I’ve read as a kid and the cartoons I’ve watched (spongebob), portrays the disrespect that feeds in a neighbor’s house. No matter how hard you try to have a civil conversation with them, they’ll always slam the door on you… poor spongebob…

I live in a very quiet neighborhood. About three years ago, one of the most kindest neighbor I have ever met (his name’s Al) passed away. I’ll always remember the little gifts he would give my sister and I. Candy, bears, toys. God Bless his soul.

A few months later the house that belonged to a brilliant man was bought to some disrespectful ass children. My apologies for the foul language. There’s no other way to explain them. Ever since they moved in, my family and I had problems with them. 

No it’s not how they looked like or their cultural background. It was how they presented themselves to us. It all started when a huge Nor Eastern hit the state. Strong winds, snow blizzard, sleet and rain. It was crazy. That same night my father and mother started to shovel the snow. Apparently, so were the next door neighbors. It was pretty predictable, they through most of the snow near the window of my basement, you know where all the flooding and other problems happen. My mom politely asked them to stop. The third time my mom told them she’ll have to call the cops if they don’t quit it. That is when their devil side turned into criticism. They started making fun of my mom, and disrespecting the cops. Whatever we’ll let it slide.

Spring arrived. I’m sure they won’t be a bother.

Or so I thought…

You see for the past month, my car has been for sale. All that annoying calls and repeated information. The whole jazz into finding someone who can buy my car.

Sunday, April 16 at 10:34am Easter day. I get an odd phone number from California. For a second I thought it was a scam, but I picked up anyway. A middle age guy (so I assume) asked me if anyone was on the verge of purchasing the car. And I said no assuming he’s thinking about buying it. He asked me another question, “how long was the car on the front yard?” Odd… Why would you care? I said “about a month.” He started screaming saying the car makes the neighborhood look trashy. I hung up the phone.

He calls again, but this time he wanted to call the cops. I ask him over and over again who is this. “Not important.” and hangs up. This is really damn creepy. Are you a stalker? 

He calls again, but no one was talking. My sister calls the cops.

“I would like to report harassment.” Fifteen minutes later the cop shows up at my door step. I explain to him what the situation was and pull up the phone number that called and the time. Within minutes he found the address and identified the person. Turned out to be the neighbors. 

Didn’t he want to call the cops on me, well I did it for him.

Today is Easter. Everyone should get along and respect each other. Even if that person does not treat you right, there are always others who will help you out and make you feel appreciated.

I want to Thank the Officer who helped my family and I on Easter morning.  I thank him for doing his job when he could have spent that hour with friends and family. I hope you have enjoyed your chocolate box and the card that came with it.

Just like there are bad people in this world, there are so many good ones who are willing to protect us (the people) over themselves. Even if it’s as little as tracking a phone number. 

Have a Great rest of Your Easter. Stay Safe and God Bless!