“Congratulations! You have been accepted to our University! We invite you to our New Student Orientation and tour around campus! Hope to see you soon!” ~ The Admissions Office

Tour Guide: Many students (including me) have gone to the New Student Orientation hosted by the admission counselors, but always and I mean ALWAYS skip the tour guide! Attending the tours are the essential for safety. It is important to know where your semester classes are held; in which buildings, campus garages, where your dorm is located, the nearest food markets or fitness gym, etc.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Make sure you record all emergency phone numbers on your phone or device and most importantly written down in a notebook or phone book just in case you lose it. Examples: Campus Police Station, Dorm Reception, Advising Centers, Testing Centers; Friends and Family is a MUST!

SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS: PLEASE be AWARE the crimes have risen, no matter if your university is in a “safe” town or not. No where is safe. If you drive to school make sure to LOCK ALL DOORS, even if you have automatic door locks still make sure! It takes 2 seconds! Make sure there is no valuable belongings in your vehicle as well (laptops, notebooks, other electronics, earphones/headphones). NOTHING should be in your car. I will not stress this enough, absolutely DO NOT park your car outside of campus! Recently one of my car wheel valve cap got stolen and I was parked on campus. Imagine parking outside… DO NOT leave any of your belongings unsupervised. Take everything with you. And definitely DO NOT tell a stranger to look after your stuff. Not even a friend!

SOCIAL MEDIA: Let’s be realistic, it’s the 21st century. Everyone has some sort of social media account (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc). Please be cautious on what you post on the internet. College do look at these things! As much as it’s tempting DO NOT turn on your locations! You’ll put yourself and your friends in danger (Yeah Yeah I know snapchat locations are pretty).

PARTIES: You’ll probably end up in one or two dorm parties or frat parties. Usually a lot of dorms strictly forbid any types of parties. If you get caught having one, you’ll get in serious trouble. Frat parties on the other hand are not owned by the college. That means ANYONE can attend, that includes high school students. Please be aware that many frat parties do include alcohol beverages. If you happened to end up in one, do not go alone, bring one or two friends with you. If someone asks you for a drink don’t be afraid to say NO. Get it YOURSELF! If you happened to leave in the dark, make sure you don’t leave without your friends! If you leave by yourself, don’t walk in any unknown streets. If you are drunk, please don’t drive. If you feel unsafe call the police to escort you back to your dorm. MAKE SMART DECISIONS! If you are under 21 years of age don’t drink! Bottom line don’t trust anyone! Trust your guts!

If you want to attend a supervised party, usually the dorm complex organizes different types of gathering parties. I have not been to one but I’ve heard they are fun. You’ll definitely meet people who study in the same field as you. If not, that’s still fine. I’ll probably only go for the food 💀

I know this is a bit traumatizing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! If you have any additional safety pre- cautions please list them below in the comment section!

Stay Safe and GOD Bless!